Resource management, what is it and how can it benefit your business?

Customer ServiceAt XACT, we offer resource management, also known internally as coordinated services. This is an independent team that watches and monitors contact transactions and provides a level of triage to support call center agents.

With resource management, you never have to wonder if your customer service department is handling things correctly. This team is available 24×7, which means they’re always on call.

The team provides instant oversight to the on-goings in the contact center. They make sure that questions are answered in a timely fashion. They ensure that agents are sticking to the schedule (on-shift, off-shift, breaks and lunches). They also provide a top level of support for front-line agents, answering questions and directing them to any additional teams if added assistance is required.

The team is always watching the dashboards of our systems. This allows them to check on contact handling and workforce management. The dashboards allow them to see contacts being handled, holding or routing through the system in real-time. They have live monitoring available which allows them to listen to agents handling calls on the system and they’re able to provide assistance when needed.

They also have access to viewing a desktop in real-time, this provides them the ability to offer valuable insight. In addition, the team can use a workforce management tool to see if agents are adhering to schedules. If necessary, they can make adjustments to better match what’s happening.

The resource management team better equips the contact center agents and also provides customers with the help they need. This ensures more timely assistance and more effective answers for customers. Brands can feel good about this because it helps keep clients satisfied and we know that satisfied clients are more likely to return. There’s no guessing whether your customer service department is meeting your clients’ needs, the team monitors this and makes sure your brand is represented well.

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