Simple tips for keeping your remote team happy (and on task)

Casual smiling office worker in headphones looking at laptop scrPeople everywhere are working in remote locations. Some are working at home, others in co-working spaces, and some from local wifi hotspots. But, just because many people are working remotely these days, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t feel like they’re part of a team.

Near or far, teamwork is all about feeling like you’re a part of a collaboration. So, how do you continue to boost this collaborative feeling among your remote workers? There are plenty of ways to keep your remote workers satisfied and a part of the team.

One thing is for sure, workers (remote or not) want to feel like their work is acknowledged. They want to know they aren’t taken for granted. People are more inclined to be productive when they feel like they are appreciated by their employer.

The good news is, it’s easy to show appreciation for your employees. It can be something as simple as sending an email that says “thank you” or “job well-done.” You could even take it up a notch and present them with a gift for their good work.

Another way to show you appreciate your employees is to highlight their work. Periodically, you could send out a group email featuring some of your employees’ achievements that month. You can ask your team to participate, requesting that people highlight something they or their coworkers did to help accomplish your goals.

Beyond appreciation, you want to make sure your employees feel like they’re part of a greater team. In other words, you want them to stay connected. You can host periodic video meetings to keep the team collaborating, or you can set-up an on-going group chat through Slack or another similar service. You can even host virtual events like game days, workshops, or exercise classes.

Continue to show your employees that they are seen. Remember days that are special to them. For example, consider sending a happy birthday email, card, or gift when their special day arrives. Give them a shoutout when their work anniversary approaches. Remembering the “little” things can go a long way toward keeping remote workers a part of the team.

One more thing to keep in mind is that your remote employees need the right gadgets to get the job done. If there are tools your employees need to work more efficiently, consider supplying them to help boost productivity.

These are just a few ways you can help your remote workers excel in their job and stay connected with your overall team. We hope you’re able to put a few of these tips to good use.

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