Taking a look at the buying experience from the customer’s point of view

Portrait beautiful young asian woman using laptop or smart mobilLet’s take a few minutes to explore the customer buying experience through the eyes of the customer. This shouldn’t be too much of a stretch since everyone is a customer to someone. However, it’s often something that can get forgotten while focusing on the business end of things. But, let’s say for a minute we forget the role of trying to acquire customers and instead focus on the experience of being a customer.

Say your buying experience as a customer starts off by seeing an ad for something you want or actively seeking out something you need. You either click on the advertisement or maybe you go to Google and search for a product or service that fits your needs. If you’re shopping online, you’ll probably be seeking out additional information, especially if this isn’t a company you’ve purchased from before. If the details aren’t all listed on the website, it could get frustrating, but maybe you find a FAQ page to answer your questions. You may have specific questions about the product or service or just want to know something such as the return policy. Another step during the buying journey may be to check reviews. If you’re able to easily find answers to your questions, the company has good reviews, and the product is in the price range you’re looking for, then you’ll probably click “buy now” and finish out the purchase. However, if you struggle to find answers or the reviews leave you feeling concerned, it may make you second guess your purchase. You may not even add the item to your cart or you might abandon it altogether.

Now, you might decide to take it an additional step and reach out to customer service, if they’re easy to get a hold of, for example, if they have 24/7 support and offer an easy method for outreach. Maybe there is even a chat window that pops up when you’re on their website. In this case, you would probably reach out to customer service and get your questions answered. If you like the answers and the company has good customer support, you’ll probably complete the purchase immediately afterward.

Another thing you might take note of is what the company responded to when reading reviews. Maybe you saw one or two troubling reviews, but then you saw the company’s response, and that made them feel trustworthy again.

When you think about the customers’ buying journey, it’s important to look at it from every angle. How easy is it for customers to learn about your product or service? Is it a simple process to get a hold of customer support? How up-to-date is your website? And, how well are you responding to reviews? Consider what it takes for you to purchase a product or service, especially from someone new, and then use that information to help build a better buying experience for your customers. It can help land more sales and acquire more customers.

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