The benefits of a growth mindset in business

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Do you believe that your skills, intelligence and abilities can be developed over time? It’s a critical question. That’s because your mindset — how you view, interpret and act on decisions, problems and challenges in your life — can play a significant role in your success and happiness. Or it can hold you back from being the person — and business leader — you want to be.

American psychologist Carol Dweck is credited for identifying two main types of mindsets. A growth (also called learning) mindset is a belief that with hard work, desire and perseverance, anyone can develop and improve their talents, abilities, and intelligence. On the other hand, those with a fixed mindset believe that a person’s talent and intelligence are more or less innate — you either have certain characteristics or you don’t. In other words, there are ‘gifted’ people and there’s everyone else. Those with fixed mindsets do not believe they (or anyone else for that matter) can significantly improve their innate qualities. Companies that value growth mindsets often make significant investments in their employees in terms of training, support and development.

There’s no shortage of examples of the great things that can be accomplished with a growth mindset and investing in people. For example, at Microsoft, Satya Nadella made it his mission to revamp the leadership and the culture at Microsoft with a growth mindset after taking over in 2014. In his book, Hit Refresh, Nadella explains that mindsets– specifically helping employees at the company develop growth mindsets– were his tool for taking Microsoft to the next level. After more than a decade of static market capitalization and share price, Nadella helped usher in a new era for Microsoft, one in which the company’s market capitalization and stock price more than tripled. Pfizer, too, credits a growth mindset for the company’s success and growth. Both companies recognized that with the right training, tools, support and guidance, employees can accomplish great things.

What does a growth mindset have to do with providing the very best in contact center services and next-generation telecommunications for organizations nationwide? Everything! At XACT, we believe in the power of the individual and thinking outside the box. We believe in breaking the molds of the traditional way of how things are done. We believe in working tirelessly with the support of our incredible teams to find new ways to apply our tools to benefit our clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to invest in, support and empower our employees and teams to provide fully-customized contact center services and solutions for organizations of all sizes, from start-up to large companies. If you’re looking for a great outsourcing partner to help elevate your business, look to a company like XACT that values its employees and provides them with what they need to succeed.

Henry Ford once said, “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.” He couldn’t have been more right.

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