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Why Your Website Needs a Live Customer Service Chat

You might not have heard of conversational marketing, but it’s one of the hottest trends for online businesses. It refers to having a routine, one-to-one conversation with your customer.

Of course, conversing with your customer when you run a website isn’t that straightforward. Or is it? The truth is, there is lots of fantastic technology nowadays to help you connect with your website visitor.

One tool you should know about is a customer service chat facility. Here are some reasons why a live chat tool is an excellent addition to any business website

You’ll Improve Customer Service

A live web chat facility is probably one of the first things prospective customers will see when they visit your website. From casual browsing to talking with someone in your business, chat tools show customers that you care.

You’re there to answer their questions, direct them to the right place, and handle any concerns. It will make you memorable, and people will see your brand as synonymous with excellent customer service.

It Will Boost Sales Enquiries

What happens if people get to your website, can’t find what they need, and leave? Chances are you won’t hear from them again.

That’s unfortunate because, most of the time, you can point them in the right direction when given the opportunity.

That’s where live chat can help. A visitor can tell you what they need, and you can direct them to the appropriate page. It means a lower bounce rate and a higher sales conversion rate.

It Builds Trust 

Buying or browsing online can sometimes feel like an isolating and disconnected experience. It’s not the same as building a rapport with a sales assistant in a physical store.

But you can take steps to make the experience more human. If you are successful, you’ll help build trust with your audience.

That happens through a simple one-to-one conversation, and you can use your web chat facility for that purpose.

It Helps You Learn About Your Audience 

Even if you think you know your audience, they will always surprise you! Perhaps you have a navigation menu that confuses them or an explainer video that leaves them scratching their heads.

Knowing where your visitor stumbles is valuable information because it will help you build a better experience for your audience. You can collate information on your customer queries via live chat to improve your website experience.

It will also give you valuable marketing information, such as what sort of product or service your audience wants and how they found your website.

It Reduces Customer Emails 

If you don’t have a live chat facility, visitors must resort to the cumbersome process of clicking on your contact page, finding contact information, and sending in their inquiries.

They will need to wait for you to answer, during which time they may have bought from elsewhere. Plus, you’ll head to the office to find a long list of customer emails you need to read.

By having a live chat facility, you’ll reduce the workload for your website team.

Customer Service Chat Facilities: the Right Solution for You

By investing in customer service chat facilities, you’re setting your website up for success. You’ll have happier customers and lower costs, so it’s a win-win.

If you’d like to learn more about how the XACT technology stack can integrate with your business website, head here to book a chat with one of our experts.

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