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How to Plan a Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

Can you guess the top trend for marketing next year? Here’s a clue: you’re probably reading this article on the device in question.

That’s right; it’s our mobile phones. We go everywhere with these tiny devices that keep us connected to the world, and savvy marketers have started to figure out the potential for businesses.

To help you understand how to promote your business via mobile, read our guide to planning a successful mobile marketing campaign.

Set a Goal

If you want success with your mobile marketing campaign, you first need to understand what success means to your business.

Do you want more leads to your email list? Or do you want to increase brand awareness? Perhaps you want to use mobile marketing to boost your website traffic instead.

Whatever your priority, make sure you write this down so your phone campaign has clear objectives.

Define Your Audience

The most successful marketing campaigns have a clear target for their promotional material. Do you know your target audience and what they want from your brand?

If you’re unsure, it’s time to research. Find out the demographics of your customer and their online activity. The latter will provide helpful clues about where to target your mobile promotions.

Craft Your Creatives

With mobile, you’ve got plenty of choices about approaching and designing the best mobile marketing campaign. You can opt for ads, text messages, online forms and surveys, video, audio, or written content.

The list is (almost) endless. So you will need to decide on the format before you design your creatives.

With the creative side of your campaign, there are two significant considerations to keep at the forefront of your mind.

First, you’ll need to find a striking, attention-grabbing design. People might be active on mobile – but they also have incredibly short attention spans!

Secondly, you’ll need to craft a headline and a hook for your promotional copy. Captivating and exciting headlines rather than bland and predictable phrases can significantly impact your marketing success.

Set Up Your Reporting

You set a goal, and now it’s time to make sure you’re tracking key metrics to help you measure your progress.

Choose an analytics platform that supports the channel you intend to use, and create a custom report with your most important KPIs.

Run a Split Test

Before you launch your final campaign, you should do a beta test to see if it resonates with your audience as much as anticipated.

The best method is to run a split test for your campaign, showing one idea to half your audience and an alternative idea to the other. The one with the best conversion rate will be your winning campaign design.

Launch Your Campaign 

Now it’s time to launch your campaign. Make sure you review it daily at the beginning. If it performs better than expected, scale it. If it’s not working, tweak your creatives or your target audience.

Are You Ready for Mobile Marketing?

Any business can succeed with mobile marketing, providing you plan first and get clear on your target audience. Use this guide to get going with your first promotional campaign.

You can also use this time to discover how our technology solutions can help you achieve your marketing goals. Your first step is to connect with our team here.

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