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5 Proven Ways To Request Customer Feedback for Service Completion

Does your desire to grow your business sometimes feel far greater than your innovation or skillset? Every entrepreneur feels stuck in this place at some point in their business’s lifetime.

Collecting feedback from customers is one way out of the trenches. Feedback allows you to leverage your customers’ expectations to help you improve your service and expand your client base and revenue.

Requesting customer feedback for service completion can take many forms. Learn about some of the most reliable feedback collection methods in this short guide.

1. Use Forms

Asking clients to fill out forms or surveys is a great feedback channel because it’s the one that they’re least likely to opt out of or ignore. When you have a rough idea of what you want to know from the client, you can design precise questions to assess your performance.

You can have hard-copy forms whenever time you or your employees are out on the job. You can also digitize the form and send it via email or have clients answer the questions on your device.

2. Requesting Testimonials

You can also ask clients to describe in paragraph form how they feel you can improve. The free writing format allows clients to discuss pain points you may not know about without being boxed in by question design. You can also ask them to write about something they liked and use it for marketing.

3. Sending Mobile Messages

It’s essential to use multiple channels for feedback these days because people have different preferences. Personalized SMSs are an excellent platform for reminding clients about feedback emails, scheduling phone calls, or asking for feedback directly.

4. Feedback Pop-Ups

If you have an app, a feedback pop-up request is a great way to get feedback and users to leave reviews. However, the pop-up must appear at a convenient time.

This is usually just after the person has completed the main task the app helps them with. For example, a navigation app will ask for feedback once the driving has finished and the person is where they want to be. It’s also crucial to have someone on staff reading reviews so that you can turn them into actionable feedback.

5. Get Customer Feedback for Service Completion by Phone

Phoning your customers gives the feedback a personal touch. This is a way to build a foundation of communication with your clients as well as to get feedback from them.

It is possible to succeed with this method by simply phoning clients directly. However, if you’re having trouble, using messages or emails to schedule phone calls can improve this method’s effectiveness.

Open Your Feedback Channels Today

Requesting customer feedback for service completion is a low-cost, effective way of improving your business. Customer opinion is a treasure trove of information you could use to make your service, products, and relationships stronger.

Forms, testimonials, and phone calls are ways to get this feedback. You can use automated messaging software or even built-in pop-ups (if there’s an app) to make this process go smoothly.

A dedicated customer support service is another tool that makes getting feedback easier. At XACT, we’ve been assisting businesses with this function for 26 years, and we’d be happy to help you today as well.

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