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5 Ways to Boost Your Customer Service Metrics

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Customer service is critical to almost any business — it vital to the success of your products and services. But customer service must be better than excellent. It should be stellar.

Ultimately, customer service is the way you win new customers and keep old ones loyal to your brand. Your customer service metrics must be as good as your other business metrics. Otherwise, you will start to lose customers quicker than you can count.

Keep reading to learn how to boost your customer service metrics.

1. Deeply Understand Your Customers’ Needs

You cannot hope to start moving the needle on KPIs, such as customer response time or customer conversion, without deep insight. The better you understand your customers’ needs and journey, the better service you can provide.

What do your customers need at each stage in their buyer journey? If you deeply understand these touchpoints, you can allocate resources, training, and information to boost important metrics.

2. Automate Your Processes

If your customer service department isn’t automating repetitive processes, this is your sign to get started right away!

From categorizing customer service tickets to responding to complaints, there are plenty of processes that are repetitive and time-consuming. They don’t have to be manually conducted, however.

Process automation is powerful, and there are plenty of technologies out there to help automate your workflows. Automation provides consistent customer service and gives your employees more time to focus on the stuff that really matters.

3. Offer Self-Service to Customers

A key performance indicator for customer service is ticket volume. Ideally, you want to see this number decrease, as this means customers don’t need any help or have any complaints.

So, how can you decrease incoming tickets? By providing a self-service option for customers that allows them to figure things out by themselves. This could be a knowledge base or FAQ section, or even a search bar in the navigation menu of your site.

People like being able to help themselves and avoid getting in touch with your customer service department at all costs. So, help them to do this.

4. Provide Proactive and Personalized Support

As mentioned earlier, understanding your customers’ needs is vital. If you understand pain points, then you can create a proactive strategy to deal with the issues before customers even bring them to you.

Each customer should feel like they are getting personalized, proactive support rather than generic, reactive responses. This will create an impressive feedback loop that will help to retain loyal customers.

5. Outsource Customer Service Solutions

If all of the above sounds a bit overwhelming, then why not simply outsource your customer service? Boosting your customer service metrics can be extremely costly and stressful if you’re doing it all in-house.

Outsourcing to a call center will save you money, give you access to the latest technology, and ensure the best service for your customers.

Get a Little Support Moving Customer Service Metrics

These five tips are bound to get you impressive results, all you have to do is start putting them into place!

If you’re committed to boosting customer service metrics, let us help you! XACT is an organic extension of your customer support solution — take a look at our services to see what we can do for you!

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