9 qualities of an excellent outsourcing partner

Happy diverse businesspeople talk at negotiations sit at office tableWhen you’re looking for a quality outsourcing partner, you need to find someone that can represent your brand with excellence. It’s not just finding the best price or the first name that populates in a search bar, but finding someone who meets your specific needs.

Here are nine things to look for:

1. Flexibility. A great outsourcing partner will be someone who flexes to fit your needs, instead of just providing a one-size-fits-all approach.

2. Scalability. What you need now might not be the same as what you need in the future. Partnering with an outsourcing company that can grow with you will set you up for the most success.

3. Experience. Find a company that’s been in business for a while and has the experience to show for it.

4. Brand alignment. Look for a partner that can align with your brand, represent your brand, and essentially be an organic extension of your business.

5. Knowledge development. A company you partner with should take time to help agents understand client-specific content. They should both educate and enrich the agents to the who, where, what, how, and why of the client’s organization and its business processes. This is what helps the agent truly represent the business with excellence.

6. Training. The outsourcing partner should provide training. This should be hands-on, interactive, and paced correctly for the individual agent. It should also include soft skills training to ensure excellent customer service.

7. Quality assurance. You want to ensure that your customers are getting the best service possible. The company you choose should have a way of maintaining quality standards, ensuring adherence to compliance (PIC, HIPAA), and finding ways to further improve the customer experience (CX).

8. Resource management. An outsourcing partner should have a department that handles “traffic control.” It’s a way to help ensure that live contacts are being answered, agents are adhering to their schedules, and agents can receive assistance when needed. (At XACT, our resource management team can also manage callouts, assist in coverage replacement, and ensure that all agents have the adequate coverage they need.)

9. Professional and friendly. Pay attention to how the outsourcing partner treats you during your interactions. You want a company that is professional and friendly. The way they treat you can be a representation of how they treat their team and how their agents will treat your customers.

When you’re on the search for an outsourcing partner to provide customer contact solutions, find a partner that will meet your needs and grow with you. At XACT, you’ll find that we meet all of these points (and more), so visit our website today.

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