Diversity of opinions can strengthen your business

business people groupWhat do you do if your ideas on how to grow your business get pushback? What if your team doesn’t agree with you and has other ideas? Celebrate! Really? Really. Diversity in opinion can be a great strength for your business, resulting in more innovation, more creativity and better problem-solving than any business owner could provide on his or her own.

As you build your business, consider surrounding yourself with people who have the skills, experience and organizational fit you need, but who don’t think just like you. Look for the broadest range of perspectives possible. Will there be some uncomfortable moments? You bet. But you will find strength at your boardroom table that will allow you to move your business forward in exciting new ways. Here are some ways to foster diversity of opinion:

Of course, we all know that any company’s vision has to be the guiding force. Healthy diversity can translate into a more robust strategy for achieving that vision — as long as everyone on the team is trying to achieve the vision. That buy-in is key.

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