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How 24/7 Customer Support Can Help Your Online Store

Did you know that only 35% of small businesses are still in business after ten years? If you’re hoping to be a profitable business with longevity, you need to be strategic — especially if you run an online store. When you prioritize your customers, you have a better chance of success.

Read on to learn how offering 24/7 customer support can help your online store!

Improve the Customer Journey

When you’re running a website, you may have dozens of products or services listed on your website. For new customers, it can be challenging to parse through the differences and determine what they really need. They may want a particular service bundle, for instance, but also want more details about what’s included. 

That’s where website support can swoop in and make a difference. Digital assistants can appear in web chats to answer questions live. These knowledgeable assistants can clarify areas of confusion and make helpful suggestions. 

Create Loyal Customers

When you build a website with an online store, you want to earn repeat customers. When you go out of your way to offer the best customer service, you can earn them. And those loyal customers can go on to become strong ambassadors for your business.

Customers who feel like they matter will be more likely to come back. They’ll also love the fact that you’re serving their needs on their timetable. In other words, if they have a question in the middle of the night, they can ask it and get a response. 

You also can show your commitment to customers by being available at all hours of the day. Be patient, generous, and clear to earn everyone’s trust!

Help Sales Numbers

The right customer support can result in improved sales numbers. When a customer reaches out to your support team, you gain an opportunity. A good support team can direct customers to well-matched products they are more likely to buy.

If a customer is confused, a digital assistant can suggest a better product or service. When you make yourself available to customers at all hours of the day, you create more points of interaction. And any conversation can lead to a new sale. 

Build Your Brand

Building a brand means doing more than posting professional photographs and using hashtags. You have to demonstrate that you have substance behind the slick graphics and social media presence. When you commit to impeccable customer support, you can make that difference. 

You can boost your reputation by responding promptly to customer questions. And you should plan on doing this regardless of whether the person asking the question is a paying customer. That’s how you show that you’re interested in serving them — and not just taking their money.

Offer 24/7 Customer Support

When you provide 24/7 customer support as a service, you show customers that you care. You’ll improve the customer journey experience and build loyalty in the process. You’ll also establish more brand credibility and potentially boost sales. 

If you need help implementing customer support services in your business, contact us for help!

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