How to Set Up and Manage Your HubSpot Zendesk Integration

Growing a company is about investing in cutting-edge business technology.

But what happens when you have multiple tech giants vying for your attention? The answer is to integrate the two. That’s how you build an IT setup that’s a powerhouse for your company.

In this guide, we’ll explore two of these industry giants. Read on to learn how to carry out a successful HubSpot Zendesk integration for your business.

Establish Your Business Benefits

You can do much as a business when you integrate HubSpot with Zendesk. However, trying to do everything could be a mistake, and you might become overwhelmed.

So, before you begin your integration, list the benefits for your business, like efficiency. That will help you focus on the features you need to integrate first.

Check You Have the Prerequisites

You’ll need a few things before you begin your integration. That includes:

  • An active Hubspot account
  • An active Zendesk account
  • Administrative permissions

You should also read the user guides for both platforms. Note any compatibility requirements and ensure you meet those.

Connect Hubspot and Zendesk

Your next step is to begin the connection between the two tools. You’ll first need to head to the Hubspot marketplace. Here, you’ll find Zendesk’s integration tool.

It will contain the guided steps to link the two accounts. This step begins your integration and will get the two tools speaking to each other.

Configure Your HubSpot and Zendesk Integration

Once you have the two tools linked, you’ll need to configure them correctly to ensure the correct data passes between the two systems. Head to Hubspot and find the right Integration options.

Here, you’ll see a section on data synchronization. You must edit this by setting the fields you want to map between the two systems.

Set Up Automation

One of the benefits of integrating the two systems is that you can automate your tasks instead of working separately on both tools. But you’ll need to ensure everything is in place to make this work.

For example, you might set up notifications when new tickets appear on the system.

Consider Where to Hold Data

You’ll have Hubspot data that will be valuable to your business operations. You can change your configuration to see these CRM details in Zendesk, which will help your support team provide better service to your customers.

Optimize the Integration

When the two systems are integrated, you need exceptional performance to help support your business. That starts with monitoring key metrics.

You can track whether data moves between systems correctly and whether your automation serves your business needs. If not, it’s a chance to optimize and update these integration settings.

Checking the performance at regular intervals, like monthly, will ensure you get the most benefit from the integration as you grow.

Getting the Most from Your HubSpot Zendesk Integration

A successful HubSpot Zendesk integration means more than connecting the two systems. You need to consider configuring and optimizing them to see the greatest benefit for your business.

For more ways to improve your business performance, contact our Xact team to learn how our services can help you.

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