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Keep customers happy with our telephone answering services

Red telephone receiverLet’s talk about the traditional line of customer service: the telephone. It’s the way customers have communicated with companies for decades. People have learned to rely on it. And, although there are lots of other avenues for customer service now, the telephone is still a staple. There are plenty of people who still prefer to make a phone call when they want questions answered or concerns addressed.

At XACT, we make telephone answering services a breeze. We have pioneered the development of these solutions for business. We make sure that we always provide friendly, professional service to your customers, even when you’re unavailable. We ensure that messages are delivered to you and that you receive them the way you want. We can deliver messages to your phone, fax, email, SMS, or through our customer portal.

Our telephones are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This makes it easy for your customers to reach someone when it’s convenient for them. Our professionally trained call center agents are always ready to provide your customers, clients or patients with prompt, professional answers.

Every client that uses our telephone answering services receives a personalized, local, or nationwide toll-free number to which they can route their calls when they’re not available. When we accept calls on your behalf, we do so as a representation of your brand. We answer the calls with your company name or your own personalized introduction. You can send us your calls when you want and we’ll be available. That could be after hours or when you just have an overflow and your staff is busy. We offer qualification and triage, where we ask the questions you want and get the information in a meaningful way to avoid dead ends or unnecessary calls. Essentially, we can screen your calls so you can focus on what’s really important.

Our telephone answering services are cost-effective! Not only do you get coverage 24-7, but you get access to a network of specifically-trained agents. Our agents can professionally handle your interactions. With our services, your callers never have to go to voicemail, unless that’s something you desire. These services allow small businesses to offer a level of coverage and customer support that might be out of reach for them with their full-time, in-house employees.

Learn more about our telephone answering services and other solutions we offer by checking out our website. We’re happy to help.

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