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Slack vs Google Chat: Which Is Best for Your Company?

We’re in the new era of work, where interior-led home offices have replaced the tall glass facades of high rises. The most current data shows that we spent around 28% of our time working remotely.

With this shift comes the need for new tools. You’ve got to talk to colleagues as much as if they were at the next desk. That means using a collaboration tool.

In this guide, we’ll weigh up the benefits of Slack Vs. Google Chat.

Slack Vs. Google Chat: a Brief Overview

Slack Chat and Google Chat fall into a category of technology called collaboration tools. These have become a central feature of the modern workplace, allowing colleagues to converse digitally rather than in person.

Google Chat, as the name implies, is a subset of the Google suite of tools. It integrates with other offerings, like Google Docs and Google Drive.

Slack is a stand-alone market leader platform that offers many integrations with third-party tools.

Pros of Slack

Slack has excellent integration capabilities. So, it’s ideal in an organization where you already have crucial tools that aren’t from Google. Users also value Slack for a friendly and customizable interface.

Many find this helps improve the experience and aid productivity. It also has an excellent search facility and dedicated challenges.

These features allow users to keep their conversations organized. Finally, Slack has a massive online developer community, so it’s forever evolving.

Cons of Slack

Slack may have many business communication features. But it comes at a cost. The monthly pricing structure for small businesses may be unaffordable compared to free options.

The other disadvantage of Slack is that you need to set up the integrations. That may be easy for some highly technical teams but an overwhelming challenge for others.

Finally, some users find the notification system can become too distracting. Some people may find that constant interruptions hurt their productivity.

Pros of Google Chat

The most significant advantage of using Google Chat in your business is if you are already using other Google tools. The integration is already there, making it a hassle-free setup.

Google Chat is also cost-effective. Most businesses can begin using the functionality at no cost. You’ll only pay when you want more advanced features as part of Google Workspace.

Security is another plus point of Google Chat. It benefits from the expensive and state-of-the-art security infrastructure owned by Google.

Cons of Google Chat

Google Chat may have the advantage of linking with other Google products, but this can be a drawback if you have non-Google tools. It’s also not ideal if you don’t use any other part of the Google Workspace.

Secondly, Google Chat isn’t as customizable as Slack. It might not be what you need if you are after a particular setup to aid productivity.

For example, the notification system is more standardized, which may not suit you if you need granular updates on specific business areas.

What Chat Tool Is Best for Your Business?

When balancing the pros and cons of Slack Vs. Google Chat, consider whether you use other Google tools. If you don’t, a more customizable tool like Slack could be better.

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