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The Pros & Cons of an Automated Answering Service

Recent studies show that 88% of people prefer speaking to a live agent rather than navigating a phone menu. However, when answering incoming customer calls, businesses face a tricky decision.

On the one hand, they need staff on the line quickly and ready to answer customers’ queries and concerns as efficiently as possible. But on the other hand, hiring people for this role requires extra time and money, making it often difficult to find a balance.

This is where automated answering services come in: allowing businesses access to the advantages of both worlds. But what are the pros and cons associated with using an automated service? Let’s look at the key points of using an automated system.

What Is an Automated Answering Service?

An automated answering service is a service that helps businesses answer phone calls even when they are busy or unavailable. This service is provided to help customers, clients, or patients get the information they need by talking to a real person.

At XACT, our automated answering services are available 24/7, 365 days a year. We are staffed by professionally trained call center agents who provide prompt, professional service.

When you sign up for this service, you will be given a personalized, local, or nationwide toll-free number to route your calls to. The agents answering your calls will also answer in your company name or personalized answer phrase. This provides a seamless experience for your callers.

Pros of Automated Answering Services

Automated answering services offer many benefits to businesses of all sizes. Here are some of the main benefits any small business can enjoy.

24/7 Availability

One of the biggest advantages of an automated answering service is that it is available around the clock. This means your customers, clients, or patients can get the information they need, even if you’re closed for the day or after hours.

Professional Image

An automated answering service can help create a more professional image for your business. Our call center agents greet your callers with a prompt and courteous message.

Increased Efficiency

With an automated answering service, you can manage your time more efficiently. We answer every call promptly and direct it to the right person or department. This can help reduce the number of voicemails, callbacks, and missed calls.

Cost Savings

An automated answering service saves you money on staffing, training, and phone-related expenses such as equipment, maintenance, and long-distance charges.

Cons of Automated Answering Services

While automated answering services have many benefits, there are also some potential drawbacks that businesses should consider. Here are two main cons of hiring a business or third-party provider for answering phone calls.

Technical Glitches

It happens to everybody. Automated answering services rely on technology. This means that there is always a risk of technical failures or glitches. If the system goes down, it could result in frustrated customers.

Inconsistent Quality

The quality of service provided by automated answering services can be inconsistent, depending on your chosen provider. Some services may have a higher error rate or lower customer satisfaction levels than others, so choosing a reliable service provider is important.

Hiring an Answering Service

Interested in enjoying the benefits of an automated answering service? We can help.

XACT’s cost-effective answering service plan provides 24/7 coverage. Our trained agents professionally handle interactions. This leaves you free to focus on other areas of your business.

Contact us today to learn more about our services. We look forward to helping your business succeed.

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