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Why Your Website Needs a Live Customer Service Chat

You might not have heard of conversational marketing, but it’s one of the hottest trends for online businesses. It refers to having a routine, one-to-one conversation with your customer.

Of course, conversing with your customer when you run a website isn’t that straightforward. Or is it? The truth is, there is lots of fantastic technology nowadays to help you connect with your website visitor.

One tool you should know about is a customer service chat facility. Here are some reasons why a live chat tool is an excellent addition to any business website

You’ll Improve Customer Service

A live web chat facility is probably one of the first things prospective customers will see when they visit your website. From casual browsing to talking with someone in your business, chat tools show customers that you care.

You’re there to answer their questions, direct them to the right place, and handle any concerns. It will make you memorable, and people will see your brand as synonymous with excellent customer service.

It Will Boost Sales Enquiries

What happens if people get to your website, can’t find what they need, and leave? Chances are you won’t hear from them again.

That’s unfortunate because, most of the time, you can point them in the right direction when given the opportunity.

That’s where live chat can help. A visitor can tell you what they need, and you can direct them to the appropriate page. It means a lower bounce rate and a higher sales conversion rate.

It Builds Trust 

Buying or browsing online can sometimes feel like an isolating and disconnected experience. It’s not the same as building a rapport with a sales assistant in a physical store.

But you can take steps to make the experience more human. If you are successful, you’ll help build trust with your audience.

That happens through a simple one-to-one conversation, and you can use your web chat facility for that purpose.

It Helps You Learn About Your Audience 

Even if you think you know your audience, they will always surprise you! Perhaps you have a navigation menu that confuses them or an explainer video that leaves them scratching their heads.

Knowing where your visitor stumbles is valuable information because it will help you build a better experience for your audience. You can collate information on your customer queries via live chat to improve your website experience.

It will also give you valuable marketing information, such as what sort of product or service your audience wants and how they found your website.

It Reduces Customer Emails 

If you don’t have a live chat facility, visitors must resort to the cumbersome process of clicking on your contact page, finding contact information, and sending in their inquiries.

They will need to wait for you to answer, during which time they may have bought from elsewhere. Plus, you’ll head to the office to find a long list of customer emails you need to read.

By having a live chat facility, you’ll reduce the workload for your website team.

Customer Service Chat Facilities: the Right Solution for You

By investing in customer service chat facilities, you’re setting your website up for success. You’ll have happier customers and lower costs, so it’s a win-win.

If you’d like to learn more about how the XACT technology stack can integrate with your business website, head here to book a chat with one of our experts.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Service


In the wake of COVID-19, every industry has had to adapt to new trends and expectations. Customer service is a major component of this shift.

So, many businesses have learned to outsource customer service. When you invest in a third-party full-time customer service team, you reap a variety of benefits. That’s why even experts in business recognize its value for the sake of improving overall customer satisfaction.

If you’re considering whether outsourcing customer service is worth your investment, you’ve come to the right place. Outlined below are all of the key benefits that might help you decide. Keep reading to ensure your business has the best customer service strategy.

Integrate a Comprehensive Customer Service Strategy

It’s true that not all third-party customer service teams are worth your investment. You deserve to only work with a reputable company that excels in this field. It can, therefore, be worthwhile to do some research before you hire any company.

First, ensure that they offer a customizable solution. Your business, after all, has unique needs and processes.

Their solution should be able to fully integrate customer service needs with the rest of your operations. Take the time to see what areas of your existing customer service strategy could use improvement.

Use Analytics to Continue Improving Customer Relationships

Speaking of improving customer service, a proper digital solution can benefit in this regard. Over time, your digital customer service solution will generate useful data.

Then, you can use trends and data to see what customer service strategies are successful and/or need to be improved. It might be worthwhile to work directly with your outsourced customer service team on this. They’ll have more insight as to how your business can offer customers the best interactions.

Outsourcing Business Services Like This Can Save Money

Of course, you’re a responsible business owner or manager. That means that your top priority is likely the company’s bottom line. You’re likely wondering, how much would outsourcing customer service cost you?

Well, rest assured knowing that outsourcing services like this will save money in the long run. That’s because you’ll avoid having to recruit, hire, and fire customer service members all of the time. Instead, avoid paying for salaries and benefits with a flat fee to a third party.

Employees Will Appreciate It, Too

The last major benefit of outsourcing customer service is for the sake of your employees. The third-party team will have its entire focus on keeping customers happy.

As a result, the rest of your own team can focus on their other responsibilities. Plus, the more that customers are satisfied and return for continued business, the better the company will profit overall. Employees, of course, would profit from this, too.

Invest in Reliable Customer Service Solutions Today

If you want to stay competitive within your niche market, customer service is going to be essential. In particular, outsourcing this business service is in your best interest for all of the reasons detailed above.

We’re here to help businesses like yours make the most of their customer service strategies in today’s competitive industry. For that reason, learn more about our comprehensive customer service solutions today.

Why You Should Consider Web Support Services for Your Business

Web Support

A recent survey found that more than 70 percent of small businesses have a website. Whether your website runs the e-commerce portion of your business or acts as a place for contact information, it needs to run smoothly. Web support services are the answer!

Web support gives you online support services and helps protect your website’s security. Web support services also make the necessary updates to your business website.

Here’s more on why you need web support services for your business.

Online Support Services

Reaching someone anytime you need them is key to supporting your website. Online support services allow you to get an expert who can help when your website is down or not functioning correctly.

A helpful voice at the other end of the phone can put you at ease. Online and remote services will walk you through a problem and get you a solution. Tech experts with customer support know you’re not an expert in computers (or websites), so they will explain everything quickly and thoughtfully.

Perhaps you might have an issue with your website accepting credit cards. A tech can walk you through how to fix the problem thanks to online services and customer support. Pretty soon, your website will be back up and running!

Web Security

Recent statistics show that 65 percent of Americans have been victims of at least one scam offer, and 47 percent have had their personal information stolen by cybercriminals. Strengthening your cybersecurity is a part of doing business that you must take seriously.

With online services and customer support, your website will get the necessary updates to keep you and your customers safe. Remote services can be done without you knowing, ensuring your business website is up to date.

Avoid costly network hacks that could potentially ruin your business and your reputation. Moreover, it could cost you a fortune to recover.

Software Updates

Businesses use several different software programs to operate. Sometimes, each function needs a different program! Updates to your software keep everything running smoothly.

Updating software fixes bugs and other glitches. It will also help prevent your entire system from crashing!

Regular updates are critical, but only a professional can recommend how often these updates should happen. Failing to get the latest software updates can leave your website vulnerable and exposed.

Additionally, updates protect your data. Imagine how devastating it would be if you lost all of the information. Recovery might never happen.

Why You Need Web Support Services for Your Business

Web support services for your business mean online support services, web security, and software updates. Taking advantage of these services is a necessity in the business world.

Contact us and let us help you get started with web support services for your business. We can help protect your computer infrastructure and keep your business running smoothly. Failing to do so puts your system at significant risk.

Web Support and How It Can Improve Your Online Conversion Rate


Customer support. People want to feel taken care of, and having a team dedicated to doing that can only help your business.

This is critical to retaining your customers. Existing customers have a higher conversion rate for businesses, and it is much cheaper than having to find replacement customers.

What is one way you can retain customers? Having good web support.

What is web support? How does web support help keep customers satisfied?

This is your guide.

Improving Response Time

The first thing that you need to do is improve the response time to your customers. This survey revealed that the average company takes over 12 hours to respond to customer support requests.

That is too long when you realize what the expectations of the customers are. Almost half of all customers expect to get a response from a company in four hours or less. About 12% of people even expect to get a response in less than 15 minutes.

So, what can you do here? The answer is that you can dedicate a team to work on customer support phone calls and open up live chat support.

This system ensures that you always have someone monitoring customer service inquiries and that your company can respond to them promptly. That should improve your response time, and if you meet that expectation from customers, you will likely see a higher conversion rate.

Quality Customer Support

The next thing that you need to do is ensure that your company is offering quality customer support. If your company does this, a customer is more likely to keep doing business with you.

To do this, you need to get organized. Think of the most common questions that customers might need support with and make them the first options to be answered by a FAQ sheet or customer service.

Once you do that, make sure the people that are chatting with your customers are knowledgeable about your business and the issues that come up. Make them prepared to deal with customers and have answers for them.

Finally, it helps if your customer support is friendly and informative. It can leave the customer feeling satisfied and more likely to stay on.

Encouraging Feedback

One other thing that you can do is encourage feedback from your customers. To do this, create a survey and ask a customer about every aspect of their experience. Give them options to express what they liked and did not like about their experience with you.

Then, use web support to send a notification to them about this, whether it is by SMS or email. Getting feedback from customers can help you know where your business thrives and where it needs to improve.

Get Web Support

These are three of the biggest ways that web support can help improve your conversion rate. If you have higher quality with your customer support, improve response time, and encourage feedback from customers, you should see those improvements in no time.

Do you need web support services? Message us today to get started.

A Complete Guide to Creating a Customer Phone Survey

The average American checks their phone 344 times per day. Sometimes this is to aimlessly scroll through social media or check emails. This gives you the perfect opportunity to get people’s attention and conduct a phone survey.

Phone surveys let you connect with the population and collect data on their preferences and experiences. This data in turn can be used to help guide your marketing strategies and improve your bottom line.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of customer surveys and how to create your own phone surveys.

What Are Phone Surveys Used For?

A phone survey is a quantitative research tactic that marketers and researchers use to identify trends. The data collected helps marketers build a marketing plan.

Phone surveys are also used to determine public opinion on a particular topic or measure customer satisfaction rates. Through list segmentation, the survey can gather valuable insights for your organization.

How to Conduct a Phone Survey

Conducting a phone survey can help you and your organization make informed decisions based on your consumer base. Whether you opt to conduct your survey in-house or outsource you will need to follow these steps.

Build Out Your Sampling Strategy

It isn’t likely that you will be able to interview the entire population or an entire demographic of people for your survey. That is why surveyors and data experts use sampling to track trends and collect data. A sample is a subset of the population that is large enough to show reliable trends in the data.

Phone surveys can’t automatically be applied to the larger population. However, they can be generalized if you use a representative sample. A representative sample looks to collect representative voices within a larger community.

Due to their low cost and ease, in-house phone surveys are typically done using a non-probability sampling method. In a nonprobability sampling method members of the community are chosen based on certain characteristics. By hand-selecting people, you can meet the needs of certain demographic groups.

Design Your Questionnaire

The questionnaire is a structured way of organizing an interview. To obtain accurate responses you need to consistently ask the questions from person to person, as this ensures that you aren’t leading the interviewee’s responses.

When you are crafting your questionnaire, you need to keep your goals in mind. The wording you choose when making a survey can make the difference between accurate and inaccurate information. Depending on your phrasing you may subconsciously be eliciting a particular response.

Pretest Your Survey

Before you do a significant push on the phones, you must pre-test your survey. Pilot testing will let you iron out any kinks in your line of questioning and develop the most consistent form of surveying possible.

Knowing that you’re working with a high-quality and tested survey can give you more confidence in your findings.

Collect and Input Your Data

When making the phone calls for your survey you need to constantly keep track of this data. By keeping all your information stored in statistical software, you can quickly understand trends in the data and make data-driven decisions based on your findings.

Viewing all of the data in a centralized location will also let you pick out key outliers in the data and assess trends.

Start Conducting Phone Surveys Today

Phone surveys unlock valuable pieces of data for your brand or business. By doing customer surveys and phone surveys collecting insights from your consumer base you can learn to better target them and achieve your organization’s mission.

Contact us to start conducting phone surveys today!